July 20, 2012

day 5 cont...

soo..nk abis kan day 5....ap yg jadi arie nie..hurmm..not much yg jadi....just lg dua arie..which is sabtu..dah puasa...yeay!! nk puasa dah....heheh...haiss....my sweetheart tnya pooh besa mn suda...for now still maintain..but bila stat posa tu nti..aiyoo..semangat nk mkn n suma bnda nk mkn tu msuk..abis la..bulat la sy nti..ah ah ha

so cukup psl tu...this nite was my first to play for someone..and lucky me that first and special someone is you..ur the first person i have ever played for...really nerves..my hand was shaking..i wanted to play something much better that that song..but since it's the easiest and it my first time playing...plus.. i think that song means so much to u and also me..that was my first choice..it was not perfect ..i was so happy to hear that u like it...lega rasa nya..thank you so much..kamo buat sy confident..n u really mean a lot to me..so that one of my promise that i made to you before..which i said one day when i have the confidence to play..you will be the first..so thats my promise and i really love playing song for you...
so mlm nie sy bole tido dengan senyuman yg sgt lebar...


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