January 21, 2013

day 1 (sem break)

so hari nie maka bermula la cuti...it also the day i start being apart from my sweetheart..aigooo~ miss her alredy....dia da otw pulang ke rumah untuk bersama2 keluarga...but me? sy still disini..di puncak alam tercinta..muahhahah...nothing much bole dibuat...just start packing slowly je la....and its always like this..when its the first day apart..i will have a little bit of a demam...haiss..mcm mn nk jauh mcm nie...baru tinggal kejap dah rasa2 mcm nk demam...muahahha..lawak tol ak nie...but anyways..arie nie start the holidays so selamat bercuti utk semua and hope it full of smiles.... this the first entry for this break..


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