September 6, 2012

day 54

day 54..tick tock tick comeing to the end of the holidays...and also the pause for this blog..coz i made a promise to that someone b4 i left..ill make sure i update this blog each and everyday during this holiday..and when the sem starts..ill pause this until the next it's comeing to the end..a few more days until i meet her..this feeling of excited, happy, nervous, head over heels feeling that is inside of me..coz i truely miss that person so back to the tros siap2 then gi ambik adik blik skolh..then after lunch..just tgk tv kjp...then msk blik start asing kn bju2 mn nk dibawa blik..n yg mana nk ditinggal kan...ouh mr.teddy is also excited to meet u..tak saba dia kata..smpi la kepetang blom pack lg..coz klu da pack nti ad je bnda tak kena n kena punggah blik...then after mghrib..mkn..then kuar kjp coz ayah nk mkn roti gi la beli...then mlm mkn roti canai skeping...adoii..bulat gini...ah ah ah..then now just waiting to end the nite..hopeing its with a smile...


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