September 4, 2012

day 52

day 52..anthor day closer to meeting that my day start alwys awesome when the person you really miss wakes u up...terbaek put a smile on my face as i wake up... =) then lps suda mandi tros kedepan tgk tv...smntara tunggu ibu siap msk...i keep counting the hari ap sy kdg2 terlupa..then ibu lak ckp hari nie dh arie rabu...ayark..rabu ke? baru selasa nk exicted coz dh mcm nk dkt nk blik n jumpa that rupa2 nya tersalah selasa...esk baru rabu...hehe...then my day was like a normal boring day..just abis kn masa tgk tv..guling2...betol kan lappy..clear kan all the data yg tak guna utk get ready for new sem..but that "folder" file is still there..tak terusik..very important...muhahaha....then ptg...grooming my rabbits...kemas2 bulu...potong comel2 sket..n after maghrib..perut da nothing to eat..adoi...ibu what on the menu?? blom taw lg..hehe...then internet suka lak wat keje gila..mcm chipsmore..ngek tol..haiss...internet please be nice..i miss her alot...and now still tataw nk wat ap2..just tgk2 kt internet.tgk you tube..guling2...n kjp lg nk kedepan tgk tv kjp..then just wait for my usual routine..that i really love doing..waiting for my sweetheart...just have some pillow talk then of to bed..with hope time fly and that day when i meet her again comes soon..cant wait...


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