October 25, 2012

day 2 (raya haji)

so its day 2 of the 12 day holiday....10 more to go....arie nie kurang sket da demam nyer..alhamdulilah...nasib baek....hehe..coz i dont want to make her sad... the thing i like time cuti is bila bangun pagi samada sy call dia or dia call sy and we have a chat in morning..and sy tak perlu bukak mata smbil ckp coz thats  really the moment bila sy dpt nk imagine that dia ad didepan sy..it always makes me smile of that..so mlm nie nk blik melaka..raya haji di sana...dont know why but raya kli nie it like ad sumthing missing...kosong..kosong kosong...hohoho...ouh and the worst part is when spnjng sy kt melaka nti tak bole nk teman si dia tido mlm...but tape..i hve alredy made a deal..after this is a double whisper for her...hehe..

so hope everthing will be okyh....


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