August 13, 2012

day 30

day 30...the one month mark..dh oh my...lama nya...baru arie nie bagun sgt lmbt...kul 2 br sedar kn dri...then siap2 gi potong rmbut..sbb dh mcm org tak tentu arah dah...after that hair cut..lega rs..ringan kepala nie..but today was a really hot day..terasa kulit terbakar wlpon dh mmg gelap..then blik2 kpala pon dh panas n i just lay down..baring2 tak buat ap2 basicly arie nie mmg sy tak buat ap2 lgsung...ptg tu done with evrything..just tunggu waktu berbuka je la..the whole day i was just a lazy guy... a very lazy day..mlm nie br nk active sket..b4 kuar td psg pelita suma..then tros gi ke im home...mkn2 sket..lepak2..tgk tv..guling2...mkn lagi.. aiyooo keje mkn je mn tak bulat...maen ngan rabbit sket..and just waiting for my sweetheart..tu je utk arie nie.. avery lazy day..hehe..



  1. a month already.. have strong enough to get through another 30 days??

    1. as long as i got u..and not lose conntct i think i can get get through...but it's going to be much harder then before.. =)